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Hmm....    So    Hard    to    Decide!

Now that you have read how to choose a star from the last page, you can look at all the cute stars. Have fun!

This is Angry Star.

This is a Boy Star.

This is a Girl Star.

This star is a poor little Sad Star.

This is one Smily Star.

Wow! It's a Pop Star!

This is a Cool Star.

This star is a little bit of a Dumb Star.

This is a Clown Star.

This Grad Star!

This is the East Star!

It's a Shooting Star!

What is this strange Alien Device thing?

A cute little Baby Star!

Wink, wink. A Flirty Star!

Woah! Watch out for that Meteorite!


This is Pepper Star, one of the twins.

The second twin is the Salt Star.

Argh mateys, it's the Pirate Star.

This star is a Searcher Star.

The strict Soldier Star.

Watch out for the very sleepy Spacedust.

Can you help this Terrified Star?

My favourite, it's the cheeky Southern Cross.

The Adoption certificate, you need this!

My Snazzy List of Links

Danielle's Star Adoption Agency
Back to the Star Adoption Agency
To all the rings I have joined

people have come to look at my stars.