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Happy    Star    Owners...

Here's a list of all the happy star owners. Whenever I see someone with an adopted star has put their star on their page, I will add them to this list. Here you can also go and see the web pages of other happy star owners. Good luck to all. :) Danielle

A note for all those with stars, If you do not find your internet address on this page then I would appreciate you emailing me so I can put it here. I have probably misplaced a few star owners throughout the star adoption agency but hey, please don't blame me, I am in my messy teens which is shown in my email and so I often need to have cleanouts.

Post note (ie app a month later): Well I got my email together and it is all clreaned and looking nice! So now, hopefully, I'll never have to worry about sending stuff twice or missing out people's internet addresses.

Post note 2: If any links don't work it is not my fault as I write them down as I receive them. That is the link I was given.

My Snazzy List of Links

Here you can find Starry.
Looking for Clowny?
This is where Stanley went.
Joy found a home here.
A smily star went to Danielle Ward.
(She must be cool coz she has the same name as me.)
Sammy was snapped up and sent here.
Cool Kevin is grooving at this site.
Rudy is doing a Men In Black impersonation here.
Here you can find a pop star blasting out cool music.
Ines has a cool star at this site.
A 'Poor Little Sad Star' is at the web site Beyond Smashed
Well Cool Star should be living here, take a peek and check for yourself.
Happy Katrina star is taking up residence here.
Chacha is chaing here so take a peek.
Katrina was gift and is gracing this web site.
Dallas is jamming here.
Chuckles is chuckling at well, you'll find out wont you!
Mr. Cool is, well being cool, here.
Twinkle twinkle little star, twinkles brightly here.
Ok, it's a bad rhyme, you try coming up with something that works!
A girlstar was adopted and she went to bring luck here.
The pop star called Hanson is mmmbopping here.
A cool star is gracing the pages of this web site!
Lilly adopted a (Doh!) dumbstar and named it Amanda. You can find her here.
An angry star adopted by Amanda is probably grumping here.
Jack and Jill are fetching a pale of water here after Marianne adopted them.
Sarah adopted a girlstar and you can find both of them here.
Ann & Jack were adopted by Rachel, lets hope they are good stars!
A Friend adopted a smily star to brighten up their day!
A coolstar name T.Y went here to ice down the site. Cool!
Another cool star here, we all know their popular coz their soooo cooool!
Travel here and see Stephen the star in his new home.
Fun, a dumb star, is having a jolly good time at this homepage.
A grad star has taken its intelligence here.
A smily star named twinkle shines brightly in Danielle's World.
Ah. We Danielle's are taking over the world!
The name of this sight is My Cyber Kids and a cool star went to visit them.
A grad star named Moi is now with Enchanted Goddess.
Chewy and pop star is bringing a little music here.
To see a grin, see Sammy the smily star.
Here's a coolstar - Julien!
A sad and a dumb star were adopted and are living here.
Where a sad star will hopefully be cheered up by a smily star named Smily.
Maya, a girl star was adopted by Toothless Grin!

I've had people with no web pages ask for stars now too so I've decided to put a bit to say they have adopted stars with no links. Here we go:

Marissa Elliot and her boyfriend adopted a smiley star.

Meenakshi felt a bit blue and sad star accompanied her to cheer them both up.

Don't be too envious of Viki Warner who adopted a pop star - Envy.

The King of Goofness, dumb star was adopted.

Another dumb star was adopted by Nicole.

A sad star, girl star AND boy star all went to a very hearty person!

A poor wittle sad star was adopted by Megan.

Jordan adopted a sad star and a smiley star, lets hope the latter can cheer up the former!

Paige has adopted a smiley star!

Angel adopted a smily star for her Valentine.

A boy and girl star went to Danielle. (No, not me)

Mickey the pop star was adopted by Stacy.

Becky received a boystar from her mum with love and kisses.

Allison adopted a girl star.

Sky High Electric (zzzzzzt) the oh so popular pop star was adopted by Nikilla.

A grad and girl star went to Janine.

Kristina sent a smily star to Rob who makes her smile. Ohhh!!!

Laurie adopted a smily star!

But Krissy preferred a cool star.

A smily star was named Mya and found a home with Mandi.

Another cool star was adopted by Mary!

And Alisha adopted a girl and a boy star, they should all become good friends.

Danielle's Star Adoption Agency
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