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My Snazzy List of Links

Danielle's Cyber Pets
Hey look! It's all my adorably cute cyber pets!
Danielle's Home Page
Well here's my home page which is all about me and my interests.
Aaron's Home Page
My brothers home page
Stories, stories and more stories
The name says it all...
Choose a Star.
Come and choose which star you want.
Here are all the rings I am joined to.
Happy Star Owners!!!
Here you can find links to all the Happy Star Owners.
Hopefully my guestbook!
At my guestbook you can leave comments about my Adoption Agency and tell me how Bert, Mary or Lisa are going. ;-)


Well here it is! My Cyber Star Adoption Center is here! To take a peek at the absolutely gorgeous stars, look to the left in my links and go to Choose a Star.

LOOKING FOR REAL STARS? First off, anyone who came here looking for a real star, I'm sorry to disappoint you, these are cyber stars for other mad collectors of cyber pets. But never fear, I know of a place you can visit to get real stars, all you have to do is travel to:

As everyone knows, if you wish apon a star it might come true. Well my stars aren't wish stars, though they will mention your wishes to those wish stars in the sky, but the stars do bring you luck and will help you as a friend. They are like gardian angels and will always be faithful, even Angry star really likes you deep inside. But shhhh don't tell Angry I said that.

TO GET YOUR STAR When you know which star you would like to take to your web page, go to the Stars webpage, right click your star and choose "Save As" giving it an appropriate name. Also do this for the Adoption certificate. Then, to upload to your webpage, see the information on how to do it that your webpage provider has.

If I ever find a stolen star, without it's certificate, I will be very very disappointed in the web page author and certainly tell them so.

Where the stars come from and how they get here Unfortunately my stars aren't those that you see in the sky, they are baby stars and need your support. They bring luck in different ways and try their hardest to grant your wishes. Stars live billions of years so they will be young throughout your lifetime.

My stars are bursting with energy just waiting for you to adopt them. They are trying to push their way onto my page which is ending up in a big mess. I just recently found a WHOLE HEAP OF NEW STARS! They are now on the page, and yes they are handdrawn...

I hope you like my stars, more are coming all the time. So if you don't see anything you like, or just want some more stars, check back later!

New stars will be featured here whenever they come aboard. Stars are flying in from everywhere to be here, I soon might have to start handing out tickets. Just kidding - about the tickets.

Confused about cyber pets, look here

For all those confused with the whole cyber pets thing. Well look no furhter, actually keep looking coz I am the worst person at explaining stuff. If you don't understand how to put pictures on your page you may have to learn some html and to know how to upload an image you will have to look for further information or contact me at Goodluck.


Moonface, as you can tell, is absolutely huge! But that doesn't make him want loving any less! If you think you can look after him, please adopt him.
Moonface is a bumbling, but happy chap. He likes adventures, but at the end of the night, he also likes to snuggle up in a cosy out of the way place. Look after him well please.


Well well well, people have come to find out about my homeless stars!