My Angelfire pages got so full I had to start up here too, all my cyber pets! So I think you should have fun!

This is Billy, he looks a little like my real dog, a Silky Terrior pup. The real Billy is extremely cute but lacking up top (i.e brains). He also has a very healthy/unhealthy relationship with his tennis ball in that he sees it too much but it gives him a tonne of exercise! However he also has an unhealthy habit of begging for titbits which means he still has a little more around the tum!

This is Shelley, a Husky, I think she is beautiful and she is also Billy's companion here.

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This is Cuddles, my multi-coloured bear, doesn't he just make you crave a hug?!

You too can get a cute bear like cuddles.

This is my pupparoo, isn't he a sweety playing with his ball. Maybe I should take him to the beach....

This is Cuddles & Kit, they are two gorgeous pussy-cats in luv! Not puppy luv though!

This is my Senoch, Faraway. She is mythical and I named her after a character in one of my favourite series of books, the Axis Trilogy. The characters name is actually FaraDay not FaraWay but that is where the name came from.

Want to find out more about Senochs?

This is Chuckles,


and Snowball. They come from:

This is Wind,



and Snowy and they are all my adopted beanie babies from:

This is Giggles,

and friend Lucy.

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