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Click the name to download the character file, then unzip it to your "/characters" folder wherever you put your baldur's gate file.

Right click and save as the images and place them in your "/portraits" folder wherever you put your baldur's gate file. If you have not got a "/portraits" folder yet, then just create one by right clicking, choosing "new", "file" and then naming it "portraits".

Where there are multiple portraits, I generally use the first, and the first are used in character files.




annal.bmp    annas.bmp

In "When the Wolf Howls", Anna is a normal 18 year old who suddenly finds herself in another universe. Here, Anna discovers in a past life she was a powerful sorceress who organised to be reborn in her world at this time to fight against the powerful Dark. Unfortunately the spell was slightly off as the sorceress, Aleaya, didn't account for multiple universes. Now Anna is finding a new part of herself she didn't know she had. She's strong of will and fighting for what she believes is right. Aleaya, her past life, looked after much of the faery folk of the land as well as a large pack of intelligent wolves, hence Dakota is her protector.




caffronl.bmp     caffrons.bmp

Caffron is the Prince, and soon to be crowned king, of the alternate universe Anna lands in. He is slightly egotistical and sexist due to the belief's of his time and his pampered upbringing but generally he wants what is best for his people. Caffron is more serious, and tends to be the silent thinker, than his brother Rhin (below).




rhinl.bmp    rhins.bmp

Rhin is Caffron's younger brother. He's jovial and in possession of a wonderful sense of humour. He is more down to earth than his brother and has a greater understanding of the peasant class. He is also much less surprised by the idea of a woman warrior. Unfortunately for most of "When the Wolf Howls", the first book of a series, he is inhabited by a demon although at first this is not known.



(no last name)

tarikal.bmp     tarikas.bmp

Tarika is a desert dweller of a race different to that of the two princes. Her race is spread across the great desert in a variety of tribes and are mostly considered barbaric by the rest of the peoples. In actual fact these people are rich in culture and believe in unity with the land. Their wisdom is great though their technology primitive. Tarika, on her coming of age ceremony, is named future seer to the tribe. This means she must complete the journey that calls to her, and survive, to return to her post. Because very few seers survive their initial journey, and are rarely named in coming of age ceremonies (whose fate is believed to lie with the world and perhaps the gods) this position is particularly perilous. Tarika meets Anna and Caffron in their desert and finds that her journey lies with them.




karynl.bmp    karyns.bmp

Karyn was abducted as a child by the Dark and has been its slave ever since. She had become weak and submissive but was recently saved and given back her freedom by Anna. She has since gained some strength of spirit but still finds most of this within the calm wisdom of Tarika and does not leave the seers side. Though she does not know it yet, she is in actual fact the last remaining survivor of a deceased royal family, the Somans.



(no last name, aka "pack-brother")

dakotal.bmp    dakotas.bmp    or     wolf1l.bmp     wolf1s.bmp

Dakota is Anna/Aleaya's willing servant and pack leader of wolves dedicated to her protection. He is extremely protective of his mistress and has the ability to take human form but for his head. Dakota's sense of humour is vastly lacking though occasionally he displays a wry humour with a wolven touch. His wolven instincts tell him when evil is present (so the character I created has this innate spell).   

NOTE: I used the editor to give Dakota the animation of a wolf. Some actions may cause the game to freeze.




aleayal.bmp     aleayas.bmp     or     aleaya2l.bmp    aleaya2s.bmp

In her time, Aleaya was a brilliant sorceress. She was a half-god, with virtually eternal life, her father being the King of all Gods but her mother a mere mortal. As her powers grew, Aleaya became a leader to most faery folk and greatly liked by the faery Queen. She also adopted a pack of wolves who became her loyal guards. At the end of her life, however, Aleaya discovered that a great evil would come to plague the lands, and to ensure she would be there when it came, she killed her own self in spell to be reborn at the correct time. But because she didn't know of them, Aleaya did not account for multiple universes and was reborn as Anna in the normal world. Only later was her soul torn from that of Anna as punishment by the gods.




bariunl.bmp     bariuns.bmp

Bariun, the shadow to the King, his whole life dedicated to the King's protection. But when the King died, Bariun realises for the first time how shrowded in mystery his life is. There is no one even, who knows of him, to relieve him of his previous employment. Now without a job, he decides to journey and discover truly who he his. In his travels he falls across the dragon Hoodwink Fly-by-Night, hunted by Bariun's younger brother and the youth's he teaches to fight. But when a large group of highway bandits attack the youth's, killing Bariun's brother, he takes the group of younglings upon himself and makes the great dragon his only friend.




dragonl.bmp    dragons.bmp

Hoodwink has a problem, everyone is out for his blood. One of the few dragons left, Hoodwink has been accused of killing a great many farm animals and humans in the township located near his cave home. But Hoodwink knows he did not do the deeds, he is being framed, and hunted by every fighter and knight in the region. That is, until he met Bariun. Together, with a group of youths initially out for his blood, they hunt down the highway bandits framing the dragon and make sure they never.. do... it... again. Bariun's not so bad... for a human.

NOTE: I used the editor to give Hoodwink the animation of a wyvern. Some actions may cause the game to freeze.



(erm, no last name, no first name yet cause I haven't decided yet)

wargod3l.bmp    wargod3s.bmp    

or  less favourably   wargodl.bmp     wargods.bmp     and     wargod2l.bmp     wargod2s.bmp

The God of War is secretly in love with the half-goddess Aleaya. It is he, in the form of a black cat, talks Anna into betraying the Gods and causing Aleaya's soul to be separated from Anna's. He then gets other's to rescue the sorceress's soul from its eternal prison and when Aleaya is killed by the Dark, in his furious anger he vows his subjects, priests and all to Anna and Caffron's cause. He risks his godhood in these actions, and his rage will bring the Dark to their knees.




michaell.bmp     michaels.bmp

When the God of War sent Tarika and Karyn into Anna's world to find the one thing that could save Anna, they discovered it was, in actual fact, a he, not a thing. Trey worked for the army but was currently after a mass murderer at the time he met Tarika and Karyn. Fortunately they'd just taken that exact murderer down for stealing their gun, which, at the time, they thought was that special thing to take back.