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  I'm dedicating this page to all my roleplaying characters past and present, and placing them in order of when I created/played them. If you've arrived here from my PBEM section, the following instructions are for those who wish to download these characters for the game of Baldurs Gate.


Click the name to download the character file, then unzip it to your "/characters" folder wherever you put your baldur's gate file.

Right click and save as the images and place them in your "/portraits" folder wherever you put your baldur's gate file. If you have not got a "/portraits" folder yet, then just create one by right clicking, choosing "new", "file" and then naming it "portraits".

Where there are multiple portraits, I generally use the first, and the first are used in character files.



kalianal.bmp     kalianas.bmp     or     kalia2l.bmp     kalia2s.bmp     and     kalia3l.bmp     kalia3s.bmp     and     kalia4l.bmp     kalia4s.bmp

Kaliana is by far my favourite rpg character ever created, she was my very first and was initially created for a sci-fi rpg. When that rpg came to a grinding halt I was devastated and ever since she has made appearances in several of my other rpgs although often with slight differences to her past but not her personality. The original Kaliana grew up with her uncle as her parents were deceased. Her father was a mob leader who fell in love with her mother, an innocent. When her father died, her uncle, who did love his niece, took over the business so she grew up amongst the inner workings of the mob. It was only when the man she loved, also an innocent, was killed in one of the gang's deals, that Kaliana realised she had to break free and escaped her world to travel the stars. Because of her past Kaliana has a million different gadgets for sneaky purposes and is an excellent fighter. I had imagined Kaliana with a purple, or even white streak in her head but I love the red streak as well! Because she's my favourite character there are more alternate images. If I could mix the last three images, I'd take the eyes from the last, the hair from the second last and the clothes from the second. Because for many years Kaliana worked with the mob, there is also an evil character you can download HERE.



(the second image is currently used in the character file, I found the first image after I had created the character file, it was an image I'd lost some time ago and couldn't find again)

calil.bmp     calis.bmp     or     cali2l.bmp     cali2s.bmp    

or     cali3l.bmp     cali3s.bmp

Cali was my very first fantasy rpg character so she is special to me. Initially she was an elvan princess but the wild streak within her took over so when her parents announced her arranged marriage, she ran away and became a rogue. On her journey's she met up with and became friends a large griffon named Thor and the two are now travelling companions. Cali is good with a sword and possesses minor magical abilities. Her usual spells included levitation, fireballs and illusionist spellcraft.



andril.bmp     andris.bmp     or     andri2l.bmp     andri2s.bmp    

or even     andri3l.bmp     andri3s.bmp

Andri is the Princess of Moorj, and the main character in an rpg I run called Fate of Moorj. She is to stop an army of darkness from sweeping across the land and capturing her kingdom. Whilst she has no magical abilities, nor is she particularly proficient with the sword, (though I made her paladin in BG) she is an inspiring leader to her people and willing to learn. 



lucasl.bmp     lucass.bmp

Lucas is Andri's ever faithful young messenger. She chooses to take him with her travelling to give him valuable experience so he may one day fulfill his dreams and become one of the honoured messengers who deliver their important messages to other countries, often defying death to do so. Captured by the dark on his way to the Northern Icelands, Lucas ungoes horrible torments that turn him into a valuable warrior and more man than boy.



princekl.bmp     princeks.bmp

Prince Rhonan is the Prince of Koptamland, one of the largest countries in the Moorjan land mass and next target of the dark army. Arrogant enough to believe he was invincible, Rhonan is now finding out he is not so, and hopes to persuade Andri he is not the tyrant ruler he once was so that she might help him keep the dark army from his borders.



dlordl.bmp     dlords.bmp

He's evil to the core, and noone has seen his face for a very long time. He wants the world, and he wants it in blood. The Dark Lord and his army of darkness is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Mwoooaarrrhahahahahahahahahaha.



carissal.bmp     carissas.bmp

Carissa is actually a wood nymph. As a wood nymph she believes in complete balance of good and evil in the world. She believes that if good or evil should prevail, either would lead to a tyranny only that it is less obvious in good and so if it seems the forces of good have been doing rather well of late she might well switch causes and help the other side. As a wood nymph she has a connection with the land and some magical powers.



lissal.bmp     lissas.bmp

A proper drawing of Lissa can be seen in my drawings section, and of course it looks nothing like this picture, but still this was the image I chose. Lissa has a rounder face, hay-blonde hair and very different clothes. In any case, Lissa is a cheerful soul and a bit foresty at heart. Lissa would probably fit in well with the amazon scene. In rpg's she has also been a thief but as a character I don't really imagine her so. Still, you can download her as a thief HERE. If I were to use a picture to create my pirate gal Salsa Mayvek, I would probably also use this image.


Salsa Mayvek

lissal.bmp     lissas.bmp

  I told you I'd use the same image for Salsa Mayvek. Salsa is a pirate chick with personality.  Her mother died whilst giving birth to her and a few years back her father was convicted of a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to death. Salsa, grasping the knowledge firmly in her hands that the upper class framed her father for their own crime, gave up on the law and went into her current employment.



cupidl.bmp     cupids.bmp     or     cupid2l.bmp     cupid2s.bmp

  Shortlived in the world of rpg, Cupid I was playing as an xmen but she never really got there. Despite this, I enjoy her as a character. Cupid not only wings, but the power to make others like her, some to the point that they would do almost anything for her. This is because she is able to secret a scent from glands in her neck that influence people. However being a mutant; different, has made her lose faith in the goodness of the world. She can barely remember her past before Stealth, a friend and fellow con man who traveled with her making money in dubious ways. That is, until he double crossed her and left her with no money and no hope.



tielal.bmp     tielas.bmp

  Queen Tiela is a part of a second rpg I run. Whilst in Fate of Moorj they are attempting to win war, in Frountasia, Queen Tiela is trying to prevent it. War is imminent, but a peace counsel has been called on neutral ground and Tiela is traveling there with a group of friends with the similar concerns.



mbr3l.bmp    mbr3s.bmp

  Attaching to Queen Tiela's group, Kespar is a clutz who doesn't know it. He believes he is a knight, and a good one at that, but it is usually others who end up saving him. He can be a nuisance, but his heart is in the right place.



lorell.bmp     lorels.bmp     or     lorel2l.bmp     lorel2s.bmp     or     lorel3l.bmp     lorel3s.bmp

  Lorel is a fairly newish character I play in an rpg suggested to me by my cousin. She is half-elf, half-orc, and went through terrible trauma in her childhood as she was tortured for information. In fact, it was so horrible, that she now can no longer remember, who tortured her, or why, or what information it was that she would not give them. She has also gained a strange bloodlust, and fascination with pain.



     karandal.bmp     karandas.bmp

  Karanda is a powerful sorceress who's lived for many hundreds of years. She prefers to live alone in a separated realm, investigating into deeper spells due to her cynicism towards people. She was only a npc in my Moorj rpg.... but I like her... she's fun. *evil grin*