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     The following are portraits I have scanned from book covers. Granted they aren't very good because a) I'm hopeless at scanning b) did a quick job and c) am even more hopeless at editing images and so haven't done it. Still, they are here for anyone who's interested, and if anyone who does want to edit them so they look nicer, feel free to do so, then get back to me on my email so I can use them and put them up here with a nice thankyou note ;)



     blondel.bmp     blondes.bmp               shel.bmp     shes.bmp                  starseedl.bmp     starseeds.bmp               woman2l.bmp     woman2s.bmp              woman3l.bmp     woman3s.bmp               woman4l.bmp     woman4s.bmp              womanl.bmp     womans.bmp



     dwarfl.bmp     dwarfs.bmp          greystarl.bmp     greystars.bmp                    guyl.bmp     guys.bmp          joell.bmp     joels.bmp                magel.bmp     mages.bmp          manl.bmp     mans.bmp                 metall.bmp     metals.bmp          sinnerl.bmp     sinners.bmp              



dragon2l.bmp     dragon2s.bmp          dragon3l.bmp     dragon3s.bmp            dragonl.bmp     dragons.bmp


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