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The Dragwynwars Series Characters


Click the name to download the character file, then unzip it to your "/characters" folder wherever you put your baldur's gate file.

Right click and save as the images and place them in your "/portraits" folder wherever you put your baldur's gate file. If you have not got a "/portraits" folder yet, then just create one by right clicking, choosing "new", "file" and then naming it "portraits".

Where there are multiple portraits, I generally use the first, and the first are used in character files.



tial.bmp     tias.bmp     or     tia2l.bmp     tia2s.bmp

Tia was brought up by dragons - The Green - and is wild at heart. She knows there ways, their magics, and is intent on stopping the bloodthirsty Red now that the prophesy has begun. Captured by Captain Timoz of the Corolets for information, she will work with him and the crown to stop the threat of absolute darkness.



timozl.bmp     timozs.bmp

Timoz is Captain of the Corolets, the army of Coroley, and loyal to his King, so when he is ordered to search the great northern forests for an imaginary army because of the death of two guards, he does exactly that despite his doubts. Instead he finds Tia, and is entranced by the wild woman. Soon he will find that he too is part of a prophesy to stop the horrible Red from ravaging the lands.



bornorl.bmp     bornors.bmp

Bornor also belongs to the Corolets, is a great fighter and one of Timoz's most trusted men. He's honest and hardworking, and, recognising something in Tia other's haven't, he pledges his sword to her side.



dragonl.bmp     dragons.bmp

The son of a Green Elder, Speed-Eagle defies the Elders ruling and takes up with Tia and Timoz in their effort to stop the Red. Although he's hundreds of years old, Speed-Eagle is actually only a late teen, or young adult in dragon terms. He is also frequently unimpressed with humans.

NOTE: I used the editor to give Hoodwink the animation of a wyvern. Some actions may cause the game to freeze.



camronl.bmp    camrons.bmp

When the King is killed by the Red, his son Prince Camron in his mid-teens, barely escapes with his life. In hiding, and punishing himself for not saving his father, Camron is met by Tia, a woman with the intention of helping what she believes to be a poor fruit boy plagued by bullies. She lets him tag along and only finds out who he is later. If Camron is to save his kingdom from the Red, he will have to learn to become a man, and even harder, a King.



(please, I need a more original wizard name, I can't find one I like)

merlinl.bmp     merlins.bmp

When Tia is caught in her own mind after attempting a spell far beyond her powers, Merlin the wizard is called in to save her. Merlin's past is great, and once he realises the awful prophesy of the Red has begun, he travels with the group in the hope of stopping it, and also becomes Tia's mentor.



rhinal.bmp     rhinas.bmp     or     rhina2l.bmp     rhina2s.bmp    

or even (though it's completely different)

rhina3l.bmp     rhina3s.bmp

Rhina is a follower of the White Lady, Goddess of the Faery Folk and because of this, she is not only a brilliant warrior and tactician, but also a witch of sorts. She is saddened at her twin sister's death, and that her sister was in league with the Red, but knows herself that it is with Tia and Timoz that she sides.



simonl.bmp     simons.bmp

Although he appears much earlier in the story, Simon first joins the group fighting against the Red when Rhina calls on the White Lady to send her aid. The White Lady sends Rhina Simon, and neither of the two are initially particularly impressed with the situation, but they do become quite close friends. Simon is a pixie type elf, small enough to stand on your hand and he makes his home in a (rather large) flower, that is, until Rhina and the White Lady interrupt him. Simon's got a little more fight in him than should be allocated to one his size and weight... and a few too many curses.